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Here you will find free resources and training programs for purchase. To purchase a program simply fill out the PayPal section that corresponds with the program you would like and your purchase will be in your inbox within 12 hours.

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  • Hybrid Human – 9 Week Training Program
  • Parkrun PB Blueprint – 5km PB training guide
  • Starting Strong – 8 week app based program

Want a more individualised program?

Hybrid Human 9 Week Training Program

9 weeks of gym based training sessions (3-4 per week) designed to make you stronger, fitter and in tip top shape
Specialised programs for both men and women + create your own journey by selecting exercises that you enjoy.
+ your choice of over 30 conditioning sessions.

Hybrid Human will have you training to improve strength, power, muscle mass, speed & endurance…become hybrid

Hybrid Human 9 Week Training Program

A 9 week hybrid training program split into 3 x 3 week phases to get you stronger, fitter and in tip top shape. This program is sent via a pdf to your email after purchase. You’ll also be sent a link to a google sheets document where you can track your workouts.


The Parkrun PB Blueprint E-Book

ParkRun PB Blueprint 2.0 (1)

The Parkrun PB Blueprint

This guide has been written for recreational runners that want to improve their 5km running and parkrun PB. The goal of this e-book is to empower you with a basic understanding and common-sense approach to your running training, giving you the tools to devise your own training plan, run your best parkrun and continue to enjoy running while chasing PB’s for years to come. Included are 4x 8 week programs for beginner to intermediate runners. I have kept this guide as practical as possible so it is filled with easy to implement tips for training and racing. **If you do not have PayPal, contact me using the contact page and we can arrange a direct transfer.


Are you annoyed and confused that your parkrun time isn’t improving?

Have you been training but not getting the results you want?

Are you looking for guidance on how to improve your training and racing?

Do you want to beat your parkrun arch nemesis?

Has your rival improved out of sight and you want to learn how you can too?

What’s Inside?

  • Learn how to avoid the biggest parkrun training and racing mistakes that could be preventing you from running your best and improving your PB
  • Learn how to train more effectively and reach your potential
  • Understand how to develop your training plan and how to structure it to smash your current best time.
  • Understand how to pace yourself correctly with race day tips from two of Australia’s best distance runners Stewart McSweyn and Genevieve Gregson
  • Learn how resistance training can improve your running and an example resistance training session.
  • Gain insight into important nutrition and supplement strategies to boost your performance.
  • A list of fast courses in Australia
  • Four 8 week programs for beginner and intermediate runners valued at over $60 each
  • Version 2.0 comes with a bonus of 2 updated programs to take your running to the next level.


This program is delivered via the TrainHeroic app. Click the link above to find out more.

The 8 week program will get you some newbie strength and muscle gains while exposing you to a variety of exercises and sets/rep schemes so you can gain confidence and feel comfortable working out.

Exercise progressions are in place so you can hone your technique on easier exercises and be confident you are lifting well before adding weight and progressing to more challenging movements.

This program isn’t just for beginners though, the training methods will be challenging even for those with some lifting experience and would also suit people who have just been winging it and are finally ready to add some structure to their training.

More programs coming soon