3 things to avoid if you have proximal hamstring tendon pain


Sprinting is one of the best activties for strengthening the hamstrings.

But, if you have hamstring pain, sprinting or faster running can delay recovery and make things more irritated.

Find an amount that you can tolerate without making things feel worse.


Running up hill requires more hip flexion than running on flat ground.

This stretches the hamstrings, increasing the compressive load on the hamstring tendon.

Tendons don’t love compression, especially grumpy ones.


Your hamstring tendon is attached to your ‘sit bones’.

Sitting can be painful because it causes direct compressive load on the tendon.

If sitting for long periods hurts, try using a cushion to soften your seat or a rolled towel under your upper thigh.

If you’re struggling with hamstring tendon pain book yourself in for a physiotherapy assessment at The Strength Den Burnie or Wynyard Medical Centre.

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