Things You Should Understand


I’ve learned a lot about training, nutrition and performance over the years through education, trial and error and training. I wish I could have been aware of them from a much earlier age.

Here are 23 things that I think you should understand and I wish I understood earlier…

1. Energy balance and creating a calorie deficit is the principle that elicits fat loss so all diets must cause a calorie deficit for fat loss to occur.

2. If fat loss is not occurring, you’re not in a calorie deficit.

3. There are many methods to elicit a calorie deficit, the best one is the one that you can stick to.

4. All diets that cause fat loss are just a calorie deficit in disguise.

5. Weight loss and fat loss are two different things.

6. Weight gain and fat gain are two different things.

7. Carbs do not make you fat, eating too many calories makes you fat.

8. There are 7700 calories in 1kg fat, so you would need to overeat a lot to gain 1kg in a day.

9. Eating and training for your body type is complete BS.

10. You’re not a ‘hard gainer’, you just don’t eat enough calories to gain weight and you’re not training effectively.

11. You’re not skinny because you run, you’re skinny because you don’t eat enough and don’t lift heavy stuff enough.

12. You don’t need a meal plan.

13. You don’t need a fat burner

14. There are no magical supplements that will help you achieve your goals (except caffeine and creatine that shit is magical).

15. Muscle gain is extremely slow, persist, trust the process and have some patience.

16. Your calorie surplus does not have to be large to optimise muscle gain, if you ‘eat big to get big’ you’ll just get fat.

17. Exercise contributes a lot less to total energy expenditure (the calories that you burn) than you think (~10%).

18. Resistance / weight training does not stunt growth or make you slow.

19. To increase vertical jump you should lift weights, get stronger and perform different plyometrics & jumps.

20. You are not born a sprinter or distance runner.

21. Sprinting is a skill, can be trained and should be trained.

22. Long slow running makes long slow runners.

23. Pushing and continuing to exercise with injuries leads to more time on the sidelines.

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