Why is athlete development / strength and conditioning important?


A combination of technical & tactical skill, psychological & emotional strength and PHYSICAL capacities are required to become a successful athlete. We enhance these physical capacities through strength and conditioning training.

Aims of athlete development / strength and conditioning

1. Develop an athlete’s physical capacities e.g. rate of force development, strength, speed, power & vertical jump etc. to be able to perform sport related tasks like sprinting, jumping, skills etc.to a higher level, while withstanding affects of fatigue or performance-drop longer than their opponents.

2. Build robustness to withstand the technical and physical demands of sport and training without getting injured.

3. Develop athleticism to support technical skills: enable athletes to tolerate training loads to maximise exposure to technical or tactical practice. Without a physical base the ability to tolerate training loads required for technical proficiency is reduced.

Strength is the foundation from which all other physical qualities of performance like POWER, SPEED & AGILITY are developed. Without proper strength development, these qualities cannot be optimized.

If you are wanting to get the most out of yourself and reach your potential, strength and conditioning is vital. If you don’t you are leaving gains & improved performance on the table.


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High Performance Training For Sports, D.Joyce

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