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BS free, evidence based nutrition information and advice for those struggling or unsure how to lose weight, gain muscle, eat to perform or just confused by all the information out there.


Take your game to the next level. Improve your strength, build muscle, lose fat, become a faster, stronger and more powerful athlete. Or if running is your thing, I’ve got you covered and can help you achieve your next PB!


Struggling with an injury? Are you looking for an effective physiotherapy solution in Burnie for your pain or injury?

As a physiotherapist I can help you rehab your injury to get you back on the sports field or back to what you love doing as soon as possible.

To help you, I’ll give you the right tools you need to help yourself.

Physiotherapy services are currently provided at The Strength Den – Burnie & Wynyard Medical Centre. You do not need to be a Strength Den member to attend an appointment and you don’t need a referral.

Private health rebate is available.

Hi, I’m Daniel

Coach, runner, physio, average writer & lover of food. I believe taking control of your fitness and nutrition can enhance your life both physically and mentally.

Whether you have aspirations to become stronger, lose fat, gain muscle, run faster, perform better or just feel better within yourself and improve your confidence, I want to help you.

I’ll help you figure out exactly what needs to be done to help you get the best results possible. You’ll need to put in the work but I will take away all the guess work. All you’ll need to do is execute.

NOW is the time to take the first steps to a healthier, happier, stronger and more empowered you.

Want to work together?

I currently provide online and in-person coaching / programming at The Strength Den – Burnie, Tasmania.

Check out my services and let me know what you need help with.

I can’t wait to help and empower you to achieve your goals.